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posted by: Becky Emmons 6/4/2019 | Category: Scholarship Winners

So much awsome in this year's scholarship applications, making it tough to narrow down the field. After many hours of reading and deliberation (and a bonus 11th recipient), we are excited to announce the 2019 Link Crew Scholarship winners:

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posted by: Becky Emmons 5/22/2018 | Category: Scholarship Winners

This year, even with a bonus 11th recipient thanks to a generous donation from the No. CA Advanced Course Coordinators, it was hard to narrow down the field. After many hours of reading and deliberation, we are excited to announce the 2018 Link Crew Scholarship winners:

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posted by: Maggie Pace 5/31/2016 | Category: Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 Link Crew Scholarship winners!

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posted by: Becky Emmons 6/2/2015 | Category: Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2015 Link Crew Scholarship winners!

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posted by: Micah Jacobson 4/8/2015 | Category: Inspiration

As a newly elected Student Body President, I was full of hope, and bereft of knowledge. Like so many people at the beginning of a journey, new WEB and Link Leaders, new teachers and new parents, I was enthusiastic and clueless. At that time of my life, it certainly would never have occurred to me to reach out to the person who had just spent a year doing the job, the outgoing President, unless my brilliant Activities Director had not orchestrated a perfect transition experience.

At the end of May, old and new officers all gathered for an evening banquet. Tables had been set out by the out-going officers one last time, while the new officers set the theme and decorated the room, for the first time as a team. We had a potluck where old and new were mixed together so that positions sat next to each other.

At the conclusion we had the “Pass the Treasure” ceremony. Each of the outgoing officers went up to receive previously collected praise from their friends, teachers and significantly, from our Activities Director. Then each of them read a short wish for the person taking over their position and they formally handed over their file box for the position. (This being the late 80’s we had actual paper files…I suppose today you might just hand over the ‘ceremonial google docs password’!)

The last part of the evening was spent mostly in pairs or small groups as the old and new sat down and went through the files. This part changed everything. I was twice the president I would have been because of this. More importantly, the outgoing president and I became friends in a way that we never would have as a result of this talk.

In general, we do a great job acknowledging the BIG transitions. In fact, in Link Crew and WEB we are “new beginnings” specialists.

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posted by: Micah Jacobson 2/18/2015 | Category: Inspiration

Well Coordinators, it’s that time of year already. It’s time to start thinking about selecting your next group of Link and WEB Leaders. Selecting the right leaders is arguably the single most important thing you will do in your program, so maybe this is the year that you take your selection process to the next level!

Quick reminder: What we taught you about selecting your leaders at the Basic Training is rightfully seen as just a starting place for getting the right leaders on board. That said, it is still worth a double check to make sure you are at least doing the basics before we go on.

Numbers: You are looking to recruit 2 leaders for every group of 10 new students you will have. Recall that recruiting too many leaders is almost as bad as not recruiting enough. No matter how tempting it is to take more, force your program to target the right numbers.

Qualities: Our NUMBER 1 priority for your leaders is that they represent a cross-section of your school. Every single new student should be able to look at your group of leaders and see at least one student that they feel is “like them”. Our NUMBER 2 priority is that you seek out the kindest kids at your school. Get those two things right and you are on your way.

Strategies: Finally, we suggested you start with four strategies to recruit the right leaders.

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posted by: Carolyn Hill 1/15/2015 | Category: Inspiration

New Years resolutions. Yeah, right. How many of us fall into the trap of starting the new year with resolution to change? And how many of us fail quite quickly? According to most studies, 92% of us fail in the first month so we’re in good company…or at least a lot of company. That’s not to say some people can make them work but the success rate is low for most. There are basically three reasons why they fail:

1.  People make unrealistic resolutions;

2.  People don’t equip themselves with the mental ammunition to fight off doubt and continue with their goals; and

3.  Using guilt or fear as motivation, or resolving to stop doing something is not effective.

Just the word resolution sets us up for failure. To resolve is to decide firmly and even force a change. And any time we exert force, we automatically meet a counterforce or resistance; it’s physics.

So, why not think in terms of intention instead of resolution. Intention is to simply to begin to aim and to plan and doesn’t automatically create resistance. It is the “being” before the “doing”. It is the visioning. It is the dreaming. It is full of hope. It is your own personal “Yes, and…”

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posted by: Carolyn Hill 11/21/2014 | Category: Inspiration

Thanksgiving is such a cool holiday. People. Food. Gratitude. What more could we ask for? And it is a time to pause, reflect and truly appreciate those who make a difference. To say, “Thanks” and to possibly do some more giving as well.

At Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Eastvale, CA, Annie Hanson and the rest of her coordinating team takes the opportunity to thank their leaders for all that they are doing to improve the culture and support the freshmen at their school. They host a “Thanks for Giving” banquet in their gym. All the Link Leaders dress up and the gym is filled with a circle of tables for their feast as well as a Karaoke Korner, Just Dance and Video Games on a giant screen, card tables with board games and a photo booth. The adults provide the turkeys (chickens actually!) and the kids all bring a side dish for a fantastic potluck. It is playful and fun and a great opportunity for the Leaders to be thanked for all of their efforts so far. 

At Martin Luther Middle School in OH, the WEB Leaders decided to merge Thanksgiving with Staff Appreciation and threw a luncheon for the entire staff. They decorated the library replete with candles (battery charged so no fire hazard!), nice tablecloths, real plates, silverware and glasses. Each place card had a staff member’s name on it with positive words to describe that person. The WEB Leaders all dressed up and served the teachers, having been trained in proper and genial service. Then, while the staff was eating, some other WEB Leaders did a Reader’s Theater, reading appreciation letters to each staff member. The details are awesome and really show a genuine appreciation.

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posted by: Micah Jacobson 10/10/2014 | Category: Inspiration

Miguel didn’t like school. He didn’t like his classes, didn’t like his teachers and made it known that he didn’t like his Link Leader. Ruben, his senior Link Leader, was nervous about getting his group again, and Miguel specifically, for Seeking Out Success, Etiwanda High School’s 3rd annual effort at reinforcing a culture of academic success. 

At progress report time, the Southern California high school with an enrollment of over 3400 students, releases all freshmen from 2nd and 3rd periods to meet with their Link Leaders. They meet in the gym, then divide into three large groups to rotate through 3 sections, listening to a speaker, taking ‘grad’ pictures with their graduation pledge and, crucially, receiving and reviewing progress reports with their Link Leaders.

“We wanted to create something that would both reunite freshmen with their Link Leaders and provide a check in point early in their high school career that would let them know that we care about their academic success”, said Aaron Caloca, a Link Coordinator at EHS. 

In fact, the first step of passing out progress reports was for the Link Leaders to remind the freshmen that they actually care about their success and would do whatever it took to support their group. Ruben’s group had progress reports first in the rotation and he was nervous to have Miguel back in this group. Mr. Caloca reminded him that as Leaders our job is to care about everyone, even if they don’t care back.

So Ruben began his session talking about his own academic struggles as a freshmen. He told his group that he really cared about them and would always help them if they needed it. As the freshmen looked at their grades so far, celebrated successes and identified areas to improve, Miguel remained quiet. Finally, Ruben went to him individually and asked if he could look at the grades with Miguel. Quietly, Miguel said yes and looked away. He wasn’t doing well. Ruben looked at each class and offered a resource. The Link Leaders had been trained in all the academic support options that EHS offered.


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