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2008 Link Crew Scholarship Winners

It's such an honor to read through the many applications we receive for this scholarship. This year we received 142... without further ado, here's the 2008 Link Crew Scholarship Winners:

Adam Fortino, 2008 Scholarship WinnerAdam Fortino
Gilroy HS, CA

Post Graduation Plans: Adam plans on attending Cabrillo College and completing the Emergency Medical Technician Program and working towards a career as a firefighter/paramedic.

“I would like to think I was a leader before I went through the Link Crew program. I had been a captain of football and wrestling varsity teams and in a leadership class, yet I feel that Link Crew truly turned me into a leader. I feel this program opened my eyes to different backgrounds and ways of thinking I may have not learned about through my sports and class mates. ”

David Weiner, 2008 Scholarship WinnerDavid Weiner
Philomath HS, OR

Post Graduation Plans: David plans on attending Oregon State University and studying Industrial Manufacturing Engineering as well as continuing his involvement with music.

“I have always strived to be a leader in various sports and activities, but I think that link crew really put leadership into perspective for me. I used to think that leading was all there was to leadership, but as I became a link crew leader, I realized that a leader can be many things. Most of all, I learned that a leader needs to be empathetic. ”

Gretchen Mogge, 2008 Scholarship WinnerGretchen Mogge
Fraser HS, MI

Post Graduation Plans: Gretchen plans on attending Oakland University and is undecided as to what area of study she will pursue.

“I wanted to be a Link Crew Leader because I never had one as a freshman and there were a lot of times when I wish I had someone to go to for advice. For the most part, I spend the first half of my freshman year in a bit of a fog. I missed out on a lot of exciting ‘first experiences’ because it took me a long time to adjust to high school. I wanted to try to prevent that from happening to anyone else. ”

Danielle Pite, 2008 Scholarship WinnerDanielle Pite
Boulder HS, CO

Post Graduation Plans: Danielle plans to attend Smith College and double major in Dance and Engineering.

“Prior to becoming a Link Leader I wouldn’t have considered myself to be a true leader.Being a Link Leader has opened my mind to other people’s perspectives on life. I’ve learned that my opinion isn’t the only one that matters. I’ve learned that leadership isn’t just about being in charge and carrying out a goal but rather about teamwork. By giving to my link students the opportunity to grow into their own individual beings I’ve learned how important truly caring for other people is .”

Amanda Garrison, 2008 Scholarship WinnerAmanda Garrison
Pojoaque Valley HS, NM

Post Graduation Plans: Amanda plans to attend the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and become a certified massage therapist. She also plans on pursuing a degree in Adventure Education from Fort Lewis College.

“Being a Link Leader has been a wonderful experience and I feel that there isnʼt just one valuable lesson I have learned. Through Link Crew I feel that I have a gained a better understanding of what it means to be leader and the many aspects involved in taking that role. There is a balance that must be found in leading others, through respect and understanding.”

Andrew Frazee, 2008 Scholarship WinnerAndrew Frazee
Central HS, IN

Post Graduation Plans: Andrew plans on attending University of Southern Indiana and majoring in chemistry with eventual hopes of being accepted to medical school. His two main interests are General Surgery and Anesthesiology.

“The most valuable lesson that I learned from Link Crew was to loosen up and have fun. Being a leader is more than being responsible and having good character. Having the ability to relax and handle stress and unexpected situations is vital to being successful and demonstrating strong leadership skills. My involvement the past two years has been a life changing and inspiring experience.”

Justin Manduke, 2008 Scholarship WinnerJustin Manduke
Agoura HS, CA

Post Graduation Plans: Justin plans to attend UCLA and has an interest in both mathematics and business management. He looks forward to being very involved in the UCLA community whether that means attending sporting events or helping organize student council activities.

“Participating as a Link Leader over the past two years has taught me that being a true leader springs from cooperation and team work rather then domineering and dictating. This makes sense, for how can one lead if those being led do not respect or feel comfortable with the leader?”

Maggie Barton Baird, 2008 Scholarship WinnerMaggie Barton Baird
Nelson HS, ON, Canada

Post Graduation Plans: Maggie plans to attend the University of Alberta and work towards a BFA in Stage Management with eventual plans of stage managing in theatres across Canada.

“Being a Link Crew leader has taught me about being a positive role model. I learned that being a leader is not necessarily being Student Council President but that every single day i can be a leader. I can lead by example and do my best to help others.”

Selin Acar, 2008 Scholarship WinnerSelin Acar
Rolla HS, MO

Post Graduation Plans: Selin plans to attend the Missouri Institute of Science & Technology and will double major in chemistry and biochemistry. After she graduates from college she plans on attending medical school and eventually working in the field of radiology.

“Link Crew helped me understand how important it was to make connections and understand people. Without these connections, the underclassman did not want to participate in any of the activities, and the whole goal of Link Crew is to get them involved and comfortable in their new school. Being a leader isn’t always just about leading, it’s about bringing out the best in everyone involved to come out with the best outcome possible.”