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2009 Link Crew Scholarship Winners

This year we received 143 applications. We in the Boom Boom! Room sat down for days to cull through all the well deserved applicants. Tough as it was to decide, here are the 2009 Link Crew Scholarship Winners:

Bianca Elizabeth Cavacini, 2009 Scholarship WinnerBianca Elizabeth Cavacini
Souderton Area HS, PA

Post Graduation Plans: Bianca plans to attend DeSales University and major in Political Science and Business. She is also considering a minor in French, Italian or Communications.

"Link Crew taught me to channel my leadership skills into beneficial tasks such as encouraging others to take the lead. I have learned that being a leader does not always mean being in charge but it can mean that you are helping out others in school, being a good role model or encouraging others to get involved."

Christina Perez-Camarillo, 2009 Scholarship WinnerChristina Perez-Camarillo
Academy of International Studies at Woodburn HS, OR

Post Graduation Plans: Christina plans to attend Linfield College to become a Registered Nurse.

“Before becoming a Link Crew Leader I would have never imagined seeing myself where I am today. Before Link Crew I would have described myself as being quiet, shy, and conservative.  Now I can say with pride that I am a new person. Link Crew has given me opportunities that have changed me as a person and has helped me learn the skills that a leader needs.”

David O'Neil, 2009 Scholarship WinnersDavid O'Neil
Cortland Jr./Sr. HS, NY

Post Graduation Plans: David plans to attend Le Moyne College and study Criminal Justice.

"One thing that I have found out, with the help of Link Crew, is the immense joy that I get when I see someone finally succeed at something. I can say, 'I helped that person succeed.' That feeling is something that I will never forget."

Eric Cooney, 2009 Scholarship WinnersEric Cooney
Janesville Craig HS, WI

Post Graduation Plans: Eric plans to attend St. Louis University and study Biology. After his undergraduate work is completed, Eric hopes to attend medical school and eventually have a career in Cardiology or Geriatrics.

"Link Crew not only helps freshmen ease into high school, it is great for the leaders as well. You learn so much about yourself by being in a leadership position. It is a completely unique experience which has helped me in so many ways."

2009 Scholarship Winner, Pa Houa XiongPa Houa Xiong
Duncan Polytechnic HS, CA

Post Graduation Plans: Pa plans to attend Fresno State University to major in Liberal Studies with hopes of earning her teaching credentials and eventually going on to earn a PhD in Child Psychology.

"When I heard of Link Crew, I was very excited and curious of what would lie ahead of me. I knew that there will be many expectations from both the freshmen and my school, but I felt that this was my opportunity to give back and find the leader inside of me."

2009 Scholarship Winner, Ryan Lee JohnsonRyan Lee Johnson
Eagan HS, MN

Post Graduation Plans: Ryan plans to attend McGill University and pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

"Before Link Crew, I would not have considered myself a leader. I might have been a leader within my small group of friends but now my voice is heard beyond the people that I know. I now see that actions speak louder than words and being a positive role model can be seen and followed by people who I may never know."

Sam Kenagy
Monroe HS, WA

Post Graduation Plans: Sam plans to attend Western State College of Colorado and pursue a degree in Psychology as well as continue wrestling.

"When a leader cares about the people they lead, lives can be enhanced to much greater levels. Because of Link Crew, I have realized that being a leader is not about the position, but about making others' lives better."

Shayna Mandell, 2009 Scholarship WinnerShayna Mandell
North Farmington HS, MI

Post Graduation Plans: Shayna plans to attend Michigan State University and study Education. She is still unsure of what she wants to do with her life but she is sure of one thing, she wants to make a difference in the lives of other people.

"Being a Link Crew Leader is not exactly easy. Being a great Link Crew Leader is considerably hard. However, with a little effort and a lot of heart you can change lives. There is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you did something positive for someone else."

Taylor Nolan, 2009 Scholarship WinnerTaylor Nolan
McKinleyville HS, CA

Post Graduation Plans: Taylor plans to attend Humboldt State University and study English and Secondary Education.

"After benefitting from Link Crew my freshman year, I decided that I wanted to help others have that same experience. It is so rewarding to walk through the halls and see freshmen develop throughout the year from that same shy person I used to be and blossom into people who love their school and feel comfortable and safe."