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2011 Link Crew Scholarship Winners

This year we received a whopping 185 applicants. As always the experience is a wonderful one to read through all these amazing student leaders accomplishments and goals. Yep, it's tough to just choose 10. But choose we did and here they are:

2011 Scholarship Winner, Darien WingateDarien Wingate
Christiana HS, DE

Post Graduation Plans: Darien plans to attend Keystone College and pursue a major in Sports and Recreational Management.

"The most valuable lesson I learned as a Link Crew Leader is that everyone can benefit from forming positive relationships with others. Just helping one kid can make a huge difference."

2011 Scholarship Winner, Jamila MothanaJamila Mothana
Edsel Ford HS, MI

Post Graduation Plans: Jamila plans to attend either Wayne State or Oakland University to study Pre-Medicine. After college, Jamila plans on attending medical school and becoming a Cardiac Surgeon.

"I wanted to become a Link Crew Leader because, when I was a freshman, I had a great experience with my Link Crew Leaders. They really helped me warm up to the whole new school experience and I wanted to do the same for my freshmen. Helping others the way I was helped was a major reason I wanted to become a Link Crew Leader."

2011 Scholarship Winner, Brandon IshikataBrandon Ishikata
Franklin HS, CA

Post Graduation Plans: Brandon plans to attend San Diego State University and pursue a major in Education.

"I wanted to be a Link Crew Leader because I wanted to create a chain reaction of kindness around our campus. With each freshman I would connect to, we would form bonds together...the ending result would be this unbelievable, heartwarming connection, would change the outlook on this daunting, gigantic high school into a smaller world where everyone would feel safe, comfortable and loved."

2011 Scholarship Winner, Gabriel Camarena-VelasquezGabriel Camarena-Velasquez
Forks HS, WA

Post Graduation Plans: Gabriel plans to attend Central Washington University and pursue a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science.

"I didn't consider myself a leader before having this opportunity [to be a Link Leader]. I never really thought that I could have an effect on anyone except myself. Link changed my way of thinking...I always thought leaders were just chosen, but Link made me realize that leaders are developed."

2011 Scholarship Winner, Jennifer EllisJennifer Ellis
Quabbin Regional HS, MA

Post Graduation Plans: Jennifer will be attending the University of Amherst this next fall.

"I would absolutely recommend other students become Link Crew Leaders. As a Link Leader you work with small groups of freshmen students to help them become acclimated to the high school, which makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. More importantly, it's wicked fun! You are able to participate in things like concerts, ice cream socials, field days and other fun activities that teach lessons, but in a fun way."

2011 Scholarship Winner, Josh SharpJosh Sharp
Romeo HS, MI

Post Graduation Plans: Josh will be attending Baptist Bible College with plans to pursue a degree in Business Management.

"I became a Link Crew Leader because I wanted to make a difference in my high school, community and family's lives. I love people and being a leader in and out of school. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing people smile and enjoying their day as a high school student. I wanted to help and have freshmen come out of their first year of high school with a positive and enjoyable experience."

2011 Scholarship Winner, Lyndsey West-McVeyLyndsey West-McVey
Terre Haute South Vigo HS, IN

Post Graduation Plans: Lyndsey will be attending Indiana State University with plans to pursue a degree in Elementary Education.

"Before I became involved with Link Crew I would not have called myself as strong of a leader as I am now. Before, I had been the leader of my team in sports and sometimes at school, but still had a shy type of demeanor and was sometimes afraid to be too in charge of everything. But now, since becoming a LInk Leader, I have been able to overcome my shyness and take charge of whatever comes my way. I feel like a stronger person and leader. I have learned so much from this experience that I will take with me and use for the rest of my life."

2011 Scholarship Winner, Madi MooreMadi Moore
Sherwood HS, OR

Post Graduation Plans: Madi will be attending Brigham Young University with plans to pursue a degree in Nursing.

"The Link Program has taught me so much! If I had to choose only one valuable lesson, it would be the insurmountable power everyone has to make a difference - regardless of gender, age, social group, GPA or hair color. Everyone can make a difference because everyone can serve. And those performing the service will benefit more than those receiving it."

2011 Scholarship Winner, Matthew YaraskavitchMatthew Yaraskavitch
Madawaska Valley District HS, ON, Canada

Post Graduation Plans: Matthew will be attending University of Ottawa with plans to pursue a degree in Biochemistry.

"Before Link Crew, I definitely would not have called myself a leader. I was much more quiet and trapped in my own shell. However, things started to change during the training days. After the orientation day, I felt an incredible sense of self-esteem. It's a great feeling to know that someone recognizes how hard you have been working to be a good role model, and now it's all paying off. After Link Crew, I definitely consider myself a leader."

2011 Scholarship Winner, Nicole DeChelloNicole DeChello
Amity Regional HS, CT

Post Graduation Plans: Nicole will be attending Smith College with plans to study math and science.

"Before Link Crew, I probably would not have called myself a leader. I knew that I was capable of helping people with the problems they had, but I did not have the confidence to believe I could really take charge in many tasks. Link Crew trained me and put me into a situation that forced me to step up as a leader. I was the only one available who know what to do and I had no choice but to step up and use the tools I had available. I am now confident that I have leadership skills available to me whenever I might need them."