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2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2015 Link Crew Scholarship winners!

We are thrilled to announce that this year we have 11 incredible recipients of our Link Crew Scholarships. These are some awesome young people who have done great things at their schools and have big plans for their futures. Check them out below!

2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Joe Hagan

Joe Hagan

Northwest High School
Fenton, MO

Post Graduation Plans: Joe will be attending the University of Missouri, Columbia and pursuing a degree in Business

"I wanted to become a Link Crew Leader so that I could impact my community in a positive way and help the incoming freshman class begin their high school on the right track. The most valuable lesson I learned as a Link Crew Leader is that none of my materialistic achievements are as important as I previously believed. The achievements that truly mean something are the ones I earned by helping those that were in times of need and by building up our freshman so they become better people in the long run."


2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Spencer Writebol

Spencer Writebol
Chaparral High School
Parker, CO

Post Graduation Plans: Spencer will be attending the Colorado School of Mines studying both Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

"I wanted to be a Link Crew Leader because of the opportunities I would have to help the new freshmen. Transitioning into high school is intimidating because of the new courses, faces, and environment and I wanted to help the new freshmen be prepared for all of it. Prior to becoming a Link Crew Leader, I had limited leadership opportunities. Joining Link Crew helped me to develop confidence along with learning how to take control of projects and organize them so that everyone can work to the best of their abilities."

2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Nenwe Geeso

Nenwe Geeso
Mesa High School
Mesa, AZ

Post Graduation Plans: Nenwe will be attending Arizona State University and plans to major in Architectural Studies

"As a Link Crew Leader the most valuable lesson I learned was that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, 'You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.' Leading others has been an experience within itself. I was very fortunate to be the president of 150 Link Leaders and 1,000 freshmen. Many obstacles came in the way of ideas and goals I had set but with a clear mind and the help of others I was able to achieve it all."

2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Jason Dietrich

Jason Dietrich
Harleysville, PA

Post Graduation Plans: Jason will be attending Moravian College and plans to study major in Mathematics for Secondary Educaiton and minor in Music.

"I remembered when I was entering high school from middle school and how apprehensive and scared I was of the huge building and all the new students.  The Link Crew members were extraordinary in how they made me feel welcome and helped me accommodate to my new surroundings.  I wanted to do the same for other students!  everyone is uncomfortable and apprehensive in a new environment.  People who can and are willing to help others adapt to their new surroundings perform a very, valuable function, not only for the person they are helping, but also for themselves.

Before becoming involved with Link Crew, I probably would not have called myself a leader.  Link Crew provided me with the opportunity to grow into a leader, specifically, providing me the opportunity to develop my skills of team building and group cooperation toward a common goal."

2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Isaiah Ezemba

Isaiah Ezemba
Rufus King High School

Post Graduation Plans: Isaiah will be attending Morehouse College and studying both Biology and African American Studies

"I wanted to become a Link Crew Leader because I love helping others. I saw the respect that came from the teachers, and how much fun could be obtained through being an ambassador of the school. Neither my brother nor I were able to have a Link Crew Leader and my mother noticed the hardships my brother and I encountered our freshman year. When I was notified that I could join the program I went through with the application process. I was first nervous thinking that I wouldn’t have an impact on the students. I was later proven wrong, for every time I walk down the hallway I hear my freshmen tell their friends, “That’s my Link Crew Leader”. I feel like they notice how much I really care for them. I might not see the change I’m making in my freshman’s lives this very moment, but I know that they are developing, and I’m excited to see them succeed."

2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Jennifer Vargas

Jennifer Vargas
Elsie Allen High School
Santa Rosa, CA

Post Graduation Plans: Jennifer plans to attend UC Davis and major in Biological Sciences.

"I would definitely recommend other students to become Link Crew Leaders because participating in freshman orientation as a leader will be a helpful experience for the years to come. It was helpful in the sense that it prepared me to be more open-minded and to speak in front of more people. This experience also assisted me in establishing connections with other students and meeting new people. The most valuable lesson I learned as a Link Crew Leader is to accept a person no matter what their background may be."

2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Brianna Becraft

Brianna Becraft
Southgate Anderson High School
Southgate, MI

Post Graduation Plans: Brianna plans to attend the University of Toledo, Jesup Scott Honors College, majoring in Psychology with a minor in English

"I would definitely encourage others to become Link Leaders, mainly because Link Crew gives back. Though the Link Leaders help the freshman, there’s many times that the freshmen help the leaders. The group’s chemistry changes and grows and becomes an extremely fulfilling and enjoyable experience. It’s a great way to better yourself, make friends, and help younger peers become comfortable in the high school setting. The most valuable lesson I have learned while in Link Crew is that in giving back, you receive as well. Though there may be difficult times, and small arguments, you learn to look past them and enjoy the nice moments. Link Crew taught me to see past people’s differences. Link Crew taught me how to be a positive role model, a mediator, a good listener, and a great friend."

2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Ben Korab

Ben Korab
Beloit Memorial High School
Beloit, WI

Post Graduation Plans: Ben plans to attend he University of Wisconsin - Madison and study Computer Science, Marketing, & Finance

"As a freshman, I developed a strong relationship with my Link Crew leaders and was forever grateful for their advice they gave me. I wanted to do the same for the incoming freshman and make their high school experience even better than mine. My most valuable lesson I have learned is that it does not matter who you are, what you look like, or who your friends are, you can make a difference. The Link Crew Program gives students amazing opportunities to change lives."

2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Brittney Fisher

Brittney Fisher
Tagwi Secondary School
Chesterville, Ontario, Canada

Post Graduation Plans: Brittney will be attending Carlton University and study Cognitive Science

"I wanted to be a Link Crew Leader because when I was grade 9 there wasn’t 'Link Crew Leaders'. I had a really difficult time in Grade 9, transitioning from middle school was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. The teachers were different, the work was different and the expectations of me were different. When I was in grade 9 I had no one to tell me how it was going to be, I had no one there for me when I got discouraged, I had no one to talk to when I had a problem in school. Having a Link Crew Leader would have put me on the right track quicker and would have made me feel like I belonged. I wanted to be there for someone the way I needed someone to be there for me."

2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Evelyn Salinas

Evelyn Salinas
Lynwood High School
Lynnwood, CA

Post Graduation Plans: Evelyn will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and plans to study International Business with an emphasis in Latin America

"I would most definitely tell other students to become Link Crew Leaders because Link Crew is a very rewarding program. Link Crew offered me the opportunity to grow more as a leader and to get to know myself more. It offered me the opportunity to go beyond my comfort zone and to build better communication skills. Therefore, I would highly recommend it to those students who want to become better leaders and who are interested in pursuing careers that involve high interaction with other human beings."

2015 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Megan Seally

Megan Seally
South Granville High School
Franklinton, NC

Post Graduation Plans: Megan will be attending East Carolina University with a major in Elementary Education.

"The most valuable lesson I have learned as a Link Crew Leader is to ALWAYS extend a smile to others because you never know what they may be going through. It may seem small, but a smile can turn someone’s day around in a positive way and can be the start of a great friendship. I would most definitely tell other students to become Link Crew Leaders! There is no better way to find yourself than to help others do the same."