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2016 Link Crew Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 Link Crew Scholarship winners!

We are thrilled to announce that this year we have 10 incredible recipients of our Link Crew Scholarships. These are some awesome young people who have done great things at their schools and have big plans for their futures. Check them out below!

2016 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Annie Fuelle

Annie Fuelle
Saline High School 
Saline, MI

Post-Graduation Plans: Annie plans on attending Oakland University in Michigan
where she will train to be a Physician’s Assistant.

“Before joining Link Crew, I would not have considered myself a real leader. I did not possess any of the leadership skills that I learned from Link Crew, such as patience, determination, and self-confidence. Now that I have been a Link Crew Leader, I am much more confident in my own capabilities and I know what it takes to be a true leader.”

2016 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Jaime JimenezJaime Jimenez

Westminster High School, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Jaime will attend Cal State University,  Long Beach.

“Link Crew is an amazing program. No matter who you are Link Crew has a place for you. This program makes sure that every freshmen has someone there for them. Freshmen are all different, so we need different types of people that they can relate to. Link Crew can do so much for a person. It will not only improve your leader and communication skills, but it will make you a better person over all.”

2016 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Ashley Steffens

Ashley Steffens
Mauston High School
Mauston, WI

Post-Graduation Plans: Ashely will attend St. Cloud State University in Minnesota where she will major in Anthropology.

“I would tell other students to become Link Leaders because not only is it a chance for them to shine in a place that they may not think that they can but it helps shape the population of their high school.”

2016 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Adrian Rodriguez

Adrian Rodriguez
San Pedro High School
San Pedro, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Adrian will attend Cal State Long Beach where he will major in Graphic Design and Environmental Studies.

“With the support of Link Crew I was encouraged to become a leader. I began to feel like it was okay. Putting myself out there or being the first to do something positive has only been good. There is truly an art to leadership. It requires a balance so that you don't become forceful or to passive. Link Crew really made me realize this and it’s a skill I’m glad to be able to carry beyond my high school.”

2016 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Marissa PortelliMarissa Portelli
Hatboro-Horsham High School
Horsham, PA

Post-Graduation Plans: Marissa will attend Cabrini College in Pennsylvania where she will major in Exercise Science 

“I am one of 6 kids, and I have 3 older siblings that really helped to guide me in my transition to the high school. However, I realize that a lot of other people do not have the advantage that I had. I wanted to be that role model and that guide for them throughout the course of their high school career. Also, I love giving back and helping out in our community, and to me, Link Crew was the perfect way to do just that.”

2016 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Craig GlassbrennerCraig Glassbrenner
Eau Claire Memorial High School, WI

Post-Graduation Plans: Craig will attend the University of Wisconsin where he will study Engineering and play lacrosse.

 “I wanted to be a link leader because I really enjoy the clubs that Memorial has to offer students and I don’t think some students take advantage of these opportunities as much as they should. So I chose to become a Link Leader to maybe encourage and get a few kids, that otherwise wouldn’t, to try something new through a school program. Something where they can meet other people who share similar interests, help them get the idea through their head about being more independent and progressing towards making their own decisions like they will be forced to in a few years.”

2016 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Kelsey GraceKelsey Grace
Coconino High School
Flagstaff, AZ

Post-Graduation Plans: Kelsey will attend NAU and will pursue a degree in either Criminal Justice or Psychology.

“I would definitely recommend becoming a Link Crew Leader because there so many things that the upper classmen have learned through high school that would benefit the freshmen, because little tips can go a long way. Not only did being a Link Crew Leader help the freshmen but it also helped me become a better person overall. I have learned so much and this program has prepared me to be a leader for the rest of my life.”

2016 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Cristina McQuillanCristina McQuillen
Valhalla High School
El Cajon, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Cristina will attend California Lutheran University and major in Exercise Science.  

“I joined Link Crew because the program helped me when I was a freshman. Going to high school can be scary, but the Link Crew program at my school helped me feel welcome, erasing my fears. I wanted to be able to do the same for others, and help make their high school experience as great as mine.”

2016 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Taylor WegnerTaylor Wegner
Northwest High School, MO

Post-Graduation Plans: Taylor will attend Rockhurst University for Nursing.

“The most valuable lesson I have learned as a Link Crew Leader is to be yourself no matter who is watching. Being yourself and impressing others means a lot more than putting on a show just to complete the task asked to do. When I had to go in front of a large group of people I was not nervous after I learned that being yourself is what people want and it becomes contagious. When people see you are comfortable being who you are, they will begin to act naturally as well.”

2016 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Taylor HertleinTaylor Hertlein
Stonington High School
Pawcatuck, CT

Post-Graduation Plans: Taylor will attend the University of Rhode Island and major in Nursing.

“I wanted to be a Link Crew Leader because it was such an amazing experience for me as a freshman. After an overpowering amount of positivity, kindness, leadership, and engaging activities that made me feel welcome by the leaders, I knew that I wanted to be a part of Link Crew in my future to come. I think not only is a fun program, but it is a very beneficial way to help incoming freshman transition to high school and great role models for them to be around right off the bat.”