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2017 Link Crew Scholarship Winners

Thank you to all of the Senior Link Crew Leaders who submitted applications this year. Reading through the scholarships continues to humble and inspire us. The number of amazing Link Crew Leaders is awe inspiring and makes it even more difficult to narrow the field down to 10, but narrow down we did. Here are the 2017 Link Crew Scholarship winners:

2017 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Ruby Pennewell Battaglia

Ruby Penn
Wautoma High School
Wautoma, WI

Post-Graduation Plans: Ruby plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and major in Biology Pre-PA.


“I was undeniably a student who was given a chance I probably did not deserve. I knew after being the definition of difficult for the past two years, being accepted into the Link Crew program was a long shot. The chance the Link Crew Coordinators gave me to become a Link Leader has made me realize that everyone has the ability to change for the better, especially with an extra push from some extra amazing role models. Since I have been given the chance to change and become a positive leader in my school, I have not taken it lightly. Link Crew has brought out the person inside me I have always wanted to be. I have learned to be patient with people, which, if you ask my parents was a well needed lesson. I have learned to connect with people on a deeper level, and empathize with them and I have learned that all people are worth taking a chance on.”

2017 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Jorge Jaquez

Jorge Jaquez
Greeley West High School
Greeley, CO

Post-Graduation Plans: Jorge plans to attend the University of Northern Colorado and study communications.


“To me being a Link Crew Leader means to be someone who freshmen can rely on when no one else is willing to help them get through high school. I wanted to be a Link Crew Leader to inspire someone and to encourage them to be Spartan’s Pride and to teach them about my mistakes so their high school experience is a fun and memorable one.”

2017 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Abigail Gonzalez

Abigail Gonzalez
Sonoma Valley High School
Sonoma, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Abigail plans to study business at Santa Rosa Junior College.

“The most valuable lesson [I learned from being a Link Crew Leader] was that I can make a change in someone's life by just taking the time to sit down and ask them how they're doing.”

2017 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Hannah Knudsen
Hannah Knudsen
Hatboro Horsham High School
Horsham, PA

Post-Graduation Plans: Hannah plans to attend Lehigh University, major in Chemical Engineering, and run on the Division 1 Varsity Cross Country and Track Teams


“Before being accepted into the Link Crew program at Hatboro Horsham, I thought of myself as a leader. However, I wasn’t the same leader before Link Crew as I am now that I have been a part of Link Crew. Before, I thought of a leader as someone who stepped up and took control of situations. Now, after spending time as a Link Crew Leader with freshman and going through two semesters of the Link Crew Class offered by HH, I know that a leader embodies way more qualities than I first imagined. A leader doesn’t take control but works with others to be the best team they can be. They are positive, outgoing and friendly. They “totally support” everyone, “go big”, “yes, and” situations and are “always proud, never satisfied”. There are so many more qualities that it would take forever to list them all. Essentially, Link Crew has transformed me into the leader I am today and I am so grateful to have been part of such a great program.”

2017 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Alyssa Edmond
Alyssa Edmond
Rossford High School
Rossford, OH

Post-Graduation Plans: Alyssa plans to attend Heidelberg University and major in Political Science with a Pre-Law focus.


"Before becoming involved in Link Crew I would have called myself a leader-in-training. Prior to Link Crew I had been a leader through a few different outlets, but not nearly to the extent that Link Crew demands. I used to view leadership as challenging, touchy, and overall too much visibility for my liking. Since Link Crew, my viewpoint has changed dramatically. I now view leadership as a way to develop a platform, and through a platform, one can create immense change and progress. "Leader" is no longer a title I think I can not achieve, but one that I wear proudly, and I have Link Crew to thank."



2017 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Juan Escobar
Juan Escobar
American Canyon High School
American Canyon, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Juan plans to attend Napa Valley Community College.


"It was hard for me to identify with being a leader prior to joining Link Crew because I was so unsure of myself.  I couldn’t even believe that I made it into a leadership role.  After being accepted into the program, everything just snapped into place.  I wanted to be a good leader for not only myself, but for my freshmen, for my partner, for my crew, for my family, for my school, and for my community.  I put others’ needs before my own and stepped out of my comfort zone.  I was tired of not being in charge of my life, so I took the reins."

2017 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Madison Vance
Madison Vance 
Henry M. Jackson High School
Mill Creek, WA

Post-Graduation Plans: Madison plans to attend the University of Washington to study Nursing.


“I wanted to be a Link Crew Leader so I could help unite the student body as one and step outside my comfort zone. By doing so I attained leadership skills that will serve me for the rest of my life. I found the Link Crew program to be beneficial when I was a Freshman and I wanted to be able to give back. Having a huge impact on incoming student’s lives is very rewarding.”





2017 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Laura Deng

Laura Dang
Westminster High School
Westminster, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Laura plans to attend University of California Riverside to study Chemistry.


Before becoming involved with Link Crew, I was absolutely not a leader. I never liked being in the front, I was always that person in the back, never saying a word; I was painfully shy and insecure.  What I discovered about being a Link Crew leader, is that leading revolves around modeling positive behavior for others. It is an important responsibility to help lead students to be their best selves in their futures, and help them decide what kind of person they want to become. There’s no one in front of the line. We’re all standing side by side, leading on each other. Being able to be there for one another and showing each other that we care. 



2017 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Julia Hylton

Julia Hylton
Chaparral High School
Parker, CO

Post-Graduation Plans: Julia plans to attend Colorado School of Mines to study Chemical Engineering


“The most valuable thing I learned in my two years as a link leader was that we are always learning. From year to year I became a completely different link leader and that's okay. I reflected after every time I met with my freshmen about what worked and what didn't work and planned how I could be better next time. I've been able to apply that mindset to my academics and relationships.”


2017 Link Crew Scholarship Winner, Victor Gomez Cordosa
Victor Gomez Cardosa
Northwood High School
Pittsboro, NC

Post-Graduation Plans: Victor plans to attend Central Carolina Community College to study Automotive Technologies.

"Yes, I would [encourage others to become Link Crew Leaders]. It showed me so much about life. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what color you are, you can be someone. I was able to grow while being a mentor to other younger, students."