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2018 Link Crew Scholarship Winners

Thank you to all of the Senior Link Crew Leaders who submitted applications this year. We are blown away by the gestures of kindness (large & small), thoughtful reflection, personal growth, and community impact by Link Crew Leaders all over the world. After reading through this year’s 200+ scholarship submissions, we have come to the conclusion that the world is going to be in really good hands with this lot.

This year, even with a bonus 11th recipient thanks to a generous donation from the No. CA Advanced Course Coordinators, it was hard to narrow down the field. After many hours of reading and deliberation, we are excited to announce the 2018 Link Crew Scholarship winners:

Selena Montalvo, 2018 Link Crew Scholarship RecipientSelena Montalvo
Mendota High School
Mendota, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Selena plans to attend UC Merced and Major in Political Science.

“Before Link Crew I always thought of myself as a leader because I was always volunteering to be in charge of everything. I thought to be good leader I needed to have all the power because I was in charge. Little did I know I was completely wrong. To be a good leader you have to bring the team together not just boss everyone around. Link Crew has shown me being a leader does not mean being the boss but being a role model, someone that anyone can rely on. Being a Link Crew Leader as shown me the path to true happiness, helping others.”


Jordan Canham, 2018 Link Crew Scholarship RecipientJordan Canham
Tagwi Secondary School
Avonmore, ON

Post-Graduation Plans: Jordan will be attending University of Alberta to study concurrent education. He will also be playing for their volleyball team.

“Being a Link Crew Leader has changed my view as myself as a leader because now I feel I can lead in other areas other than just team sports. I can be a role model for academics and for making positive choices with my peers and teachers. I feel I have learned a lot about organizing and guiding grade nines to make positive choices in their school life.”


Lisa Ryan, 2018 Link Crew Scholarship RecipientLisa Ryan
Potomac Falls High School
Potomac Falls, VA

Post-Graduation Plans: Lisa plans to attend James Madison University to study Business Management

“I would definitely recommend being a Link Crew Leader to other students. Beyond meeting new freshmen and helping them throughout the year, the program teaches leaders the ins and outs of leadership and communication. I was given the opportunity to foster a culture that changed freshmen’s high school experience, while growing in my own leadership abilities. Link Crew’s motto “Students Helping Students” truly describes the impact that any upperclassmen can have on a freshman. The powerful relationship built helps freshmen navigate high school, while helping the leader become a mentor and grow themselves. Anyone can be a leader, and Link Crew is a great forum to strengthen those skills and connect a diverse group of people to each other.”


Nallely Ibarra, 2018 Link Crew Scholarship RecipientNallely Ibarra
Argonaut High School
Jackson, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Nallely plans to attend Folsom Lake College to study medicine.

“I would encourage other students to be part of Link Crew so they can make a change and help incoming freshmen feel welcome. Because not everyone has the same experience, and throughout this organization students are able to share how their own experience was like as a freshman. And this is helpful because students can reflect on mistake they have made, in which they might not want others to make as well."


Samuel Andrew, 2018 Link Crew Scholarship RecipientSamuel Andrew
Conneaut Area Senior High School
Northwest Linesville, PA

Post-Graduation Plans: Samuel plans to attend Penn State Behrend, Erie, PA.

“Yes, [I would tell other students to become Link Crew Leaders]. I would tell other students coming into it that, as much as it is for the kids and getting them accustomed to the school, it is for you as well. The lessons you learn as a Link Leader and the experiences you have are something you will not get anywhere else in high school.”


Hannah Laird, 2018 Link Crew Scholarship Recipient
Hannah Laird
Rush-Henrietta High School
Henrietta, NY

Post-Graduation Plans: Hannah plans to attend Daemen College.

“I highly recommend students to become Link Crew Leaders. Link Crew is for everyone. Every person has different life stories and experiences that can impact not only the incoming students, but the school community as well. It establishes a family atmosphere and makes school a more enjoyable place. In addition, it builds students to become stronger and better leaders.”


Amairany Ramos, 2018 Link Crew Scholarship RecipientAmairany Ramos
Westminster High School
Westminster, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Amairany has been accepted to the San Francisco State University- Environmental Studies (Resource Management and Conservation) program.

“I would tell other students to become Link Crew Leaders because it's one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever encounter. Not only do you get to help all demographics at your school but you also have the potential to be part of a team that changes the lives of many.”


Natalija Cvetanovska, 2018 Link Crew Scholarship RecipientNatalija Cvetanovska
Eastridge Senior High School
Rochester, NY

Post-Graduation Plans: Natalija will be attending St. John Fisher College to study Nursing

“I wanted to be a Link Crew Leader because I previously had the experience of being a Web Leader in middle school. I wanted to continue being the same kind of leader the last two years of my high school career. My goal was to make the freshmen feel comfortable with their new school and allow them to ask any questions they had prior to their first day. I am the type of person to always want to help people because I want to, not because I am forced to, and Link Crew was the perfect club for me.”



Tori Carter, 2018 Link Crew Scholarship RecipientVictoria Carter
Floresville High School
Floresville, TX

Post-Graduation Plans: Victoria plans to study Biology and Pre-med at the University of Texas, Austin.

“I would not have considered myself as much of a leader as I do now, after becoming a Link Crew Leader. I would never have openly invited people to sit with me at lunch or gone out of my way to help someone struggling. I would normally have kept to myself and reminded myself that they will be helped. I am so much more willing to help people and make sure everyone feels included.”


Megan Valliere, 2018 Link Crew Scholarship RecipientMegan Ashley Valliere
Mountain View High School
Loveland, CO

Post-Graduation Plans: Megan plans to attend Colorado State University to pursue a Major in Political Science and a Minor English

“The most valuable lesson I have learned as a Link Crew Leader is patience. I learned to listen and to expect challenges, but above all to be flexible, adaptable, and to do it with a smile. Being a part of Link is truly about letting your conversations with your freshmen evolve into the conversations that need to be had. For example, one of our lessons about bullying turned into a discussion about mental health and where to find resources when you’re feeling alone. Before I was a Link Leader, I would have become frustrated that we weren’t sticking to the script, but working with my freshmen has taught me that the most genuine lessons we can teach come from the heart. And that can take a lot of patience.”



Emily Gamez, 2018 Link Crew Scholarship RecipientEmily Gamez
Heritage High School
Menifee, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Emily plans to study History at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

“I would definitely tell other students to become Link Crew Leaders, without hesitation, for it was the most fulfilling experience of my high school career. Without Link Crew, I wouldn’t have had the amazing connection with my freshmen or have gotten the indispensable leadership experience. I in fact have convinced some of the sophomores and juniors that I know to apply, and I hope that they love it as much as I did.”

Thank you to all of our dedicated Link Crew Leaders & Coordinators. We are honored to change the world with you.