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2019 Link Crew Scholarship Winners

Thank you to all of the Senior Link Crew Leaders who submitted applications this year. We are blown away by the gestures of kindness (large & small), thoughtful reflection, personal growth, and community impact by Link Crew Leaders all over the world. After reading through this year’s 200+ scholarship submissions, we have come to the conclusion that the world is going to be in really good hands with this lot.

So much awsome in this year's scholarship applications, making it tough to narrow down the field. After many hours of reading and deliberation (and a bonus 11th recipient), we are excited to announce the 2019 Link Crew Scholarship winners:

Lindsay AdamsLindsay Adams
Downey High School
Downey, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Lindsay plans to attend Golden West College to study Liberal Arts.

“I would definitely encourage other students to join Link. Before Link Crew, I wasn’t very social and didn’t hang out with anyone at school. (I was actually one of those students who ate in the restroom stall!) Joining this club helped me to branch out and become more involved with the school. Being in the club, you create all these new deeper level relationships with not only the student but also with the teachers and you learn so much about yourself and your possibilities.”


Christian AlexanderChristian Alexander
Hawthorne Math & Science Academy
Hawthorne, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: Christian plans to attend Washington University in St. Louis, double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and English

“[The most valuable lesson that I learned as a Link Leader is] the importance of taking initiative and reaching out to others. It’s something that I definitely didn’t even consider when I was a Freshman, and ever since I’ve been a leader, I’ve worked to take a proactive approach with my crew. While taking the first step can be daunting, I know for a fact that support works strongest when someone chooses to do something out of kindness to assist someone else.”



Patrick CollinsPatrick Collins
Lakewood High School
Lakewood, CO

Post-Graduation Plans: Patrick plans to attend Colorado State University.  

“I would tell other students to become link leaders because not only does it help the freshmen become comfortable and a part of the school, but it also teaches you leadership skills. Through link you learn how to lead a group of teenagers and handle all the difficulties that could occur during that time. Link teaches you leadership skills that can be used later on in life.”



Jose Luis GandaraJose Luis Gandara
Shorewood High School

Seattle, WA

Post-Graduation Plans: Jose plans to attend Stanford University, majoring in Public Policy & Urban Studies

“You never know quite what you’re getting yourself into when you join Link Crew--and that is what makes it so worth it. Abiding in the audacious; being bold and boisterous: it’s the embracing of the weirdness and awkwardness of freshman year that brings me joy. In what other setting will you be leading a herd of freshmen down the hallway with a sequin-covered fanny pack attached to your side? When else will you laugh so hard Capri-Sun comes out of your nose? What other excuse do you have to bring two dozen donuts to school--and keep a dozen for yourself? Of course, there is so much more joy in being a Link Leader than having fun and eating snacks. It’s seeing these kids grow over the course of a year--and having this special relationship for the next year, and even beyond that--that is the true core of what makes being a Link Leader worth it.”

Breckyn HockersBreckyn Hockers
De Pere High School
De Pere, WI

Post-Graduation Plans: Breckyn will attend the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and plans to study Biology

“The most valuable lesson I learned from being a Link Crew Leader was that there are others who have completely different lifestyles and situations. I would say that Link Crew has been an eye-opening experience, because I got to learn about lifestyles and situations that happened to kids, that I never have thought of. Sometimes I believe that people can be too focused on themselves, to witness others who may need help. This eye-opening experience can also give you a purpose to help people with simple tasks or it can turn you into a friend and guide for someone who needs one at a moment in their life. I also learned that any small act of kindness can mean so much to someone. I would do checkups on the kids in my link crew group, and they were happy for the simple reason that I thought about them.”

Brendan Moomaw
International Academy of Macomb
Clinton TWP, MI

Post-Graduation Plans: Brendan plans to attend Purdue University and major in Actuarial Science.

“Before Link Crew, I was definitely not any form of leader, I was mostly a follower. I stuck to the small group of friends that I had and tried to avoid any sort of interactions with people that I wasn't comfortable with. Now I am proud, happy, and excited to engage in conversations with others and work together. My experiences changed who I was in the best possible way and if needed, I can step up to the plate as a leader, take responsibility, and help others as a result.”


Bailey OsborneBailey Osborne

Lansing High School
Lansing, NY

Post-Graduation Plans: Bailey plans to study Criminology and Psychology at Virginia Tech.  

“I would definitely call myself a leader [now], and before this experience I do not know if I would consider myself one. I used to think that to be an effective leader you needed to be strict and cold to make people to listen to you, but I think you can be just as effective through being soft spoken and empathetic. People will follow your lead if you treat them kindly and with mutual respect.”


Samantha OsborneSamantha Osborne
Maumee High School
Maumee, OH

Post-Graduation Plans: Samantha plans to attend Owens Community College to study Psychology.

“The most valuable lesson that I’ve learned in link crew is that everyone is different! Everyone has challenges that go on in their own lives that you cannot always fix but the best thing is, being there for that person as long as they need. Also saying goodbye to your link crew. Since I’m graduating it’s very hard to say goodbye to those kids. Since you are with them for a year you feel like a family and that you have known them forever. We recently went as a group to Cedar Point Amusement Park as a reward for all our accomplishments. And before we got on the bus, we got in a big group hug, which was hard for me in my partner saying thank you for all the unforgettable memories we had with them. And that we are always there even though I’m physically not in high school anymore. And to have a great sophomore year and to take everything we taught them to consideration and obviously that we love them too! To never give up hope and to explore opportunities within the walls at the school!”


Anahi SalasAnahi Salas
North High School
Bakersfield, CA

Post-Graduation Plans: University of California Santa Barbara to study Pre-Economics and Accounting.

“I try to imagine the type of person I would have become if I hadn’t joined Link Crew, it’s difficult to imagine it because I truly feel blessed for having this opportunity. Before joining Link Crew, I really wouldn’t have called myself a leader. I did not have the mindset or confidence to do what I wanted to do, which is making a difference. As a Link Crew leader, I learned the importance of patience, determination, and working while no one is looking. We don’t need recognition to know that we are doing the right thing and making this world better for everyone.”


Herbie SteigelmanHerbie Steigelman
Bartram Trail High School
St. Johns, FL

Post-Graduation Plans: Herbie will be attending the University of North Florida and plans to major in Business Management.

“One hundred percent [I would tell other students to become Link Crew Leaders]; what I wish potential Link Crew members would understand is that the experience is not just about the freshman. Your experience in this program will change you as a person in the best way possible. So many life skills are learned along the way. Not to mention, I made lifelong friendships with fellow students that I had never met before, and that was all before the orientation with freshmen.”


Aubrey StuartAubrey Stuart
Northwest High School
Cedar Hill, MO

Post-Graduation Plans: Aubrey will be attending Murray State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

“I think the most valuable lesson I learned as a Link Crew Leader would be one of the three pillars: “Yes, And.” I have consistently tried to exercise the idea that we respond positively to the challenges we are confronted with. When a student questions the reliability of our activities we respond with, ‘Yes, and you will learn its value soon.’ I have loved and will always love this response. With any challenge, inside or outside of the classroom, I am always reminded to respond with a strong ‘Yes, And.’”

Thank you to all of our dedicated Link Crew Leaders & Coordinators. We are honored to change the world with you.