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Celebrate What’s Right with the World

It has become hard to turn on the TV or radio these days without getting depressed pretty quickly. In dark times it can be difficult to see all the amazing things going on around us.

And yet there are world changing positive actions happening everyday if only we can see them. Our theme for the 2009 Refresher this year is “Celebrate What’s Right With The World”. As world renowned photographer Dewitt Jones said, “When we celebrate what’s right with the world, we can find the energy to fix what’s wrong”.

So here are some of the things going right in the world of Link Crew and WEB!

At Ithaca High School in Ithaca, NY Link Leaders  are currently filming their own version of ‘Link Leaders to the rescue’...complete with capes that Link Crew Coordinator Judy Cogan made. The leaders now want to wear their capes all the time. In March they held an amazing scavenger hunt for the freshmen, sending them all over our huge  campus in search of clues that introduced them to their 10th grade teachers and classrooms. The first team back won a laundry basket full of great donated prizes and there were more prizes for second and third places. “It was fantastic!” said Judy.

Kim Pugh from White Pine Middle School in Saginaw, MI recently wrote in:

“Our school hosted the Michigan Association for Middle School Educators (MAMSE) conference last week.

Our WEB leaders were responsible for a classroom.  They had to introduce the speakers, get the technology running, pass out evaluations and greet the teachers who were coming into the presentations.  We had 20 leaders each day.  The teachers at the conference were so impressed with the leaders that our session about WEB was standing room only.  The WEB leaders did the presentation and answered questions (quite honestly may I add).  I actually ran out of folders.  Several people stayed to ask me questions. I was incredibly proud of my leaders!”

Gladstone High School in Azusa, CA was recently awarded a Golden Bell Award for their Link Crew program. The Golden Bell Award promotes excellence in education by recognizing outstanding programs in school districts and county offices of education throughout California.  The Golden Bell Awards reflect the depth and breadth of the education programs necessary to address students’ changing needs. 

What’s going right in your school? What is there to celebrate?

Please don’t keep your celebration to yourself. Share it with your fellow coordinators, with your leaders, with your staff and administration. Share it with your family.

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