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Cranes for Peace

November 17th is World Peace Day and since the concept of peace is so abstract, we want to, just as Sadako Sasaki and millions of others after her, put together a physical representation of peace. The Boomerang Project challenge of the month is for Link Crew and WEB programs in the U.S. and Canada, to produce 500,000 cranes. We currently have 2401 schools with Link Crew and WEB at their schools so that means that each school would need to fold a mere 209 cranes in achieve the goal. We know that some schools will not contribute to the goal of 500,000 and we also know that some schools will contribute more. Can you school fold and string together 1000 like Sadako Sasaki did? 

Even more important is deciding how you are going to pass along the powerful message of peace through these simple origami cranes.  Use this opportunity to talk, take pictures and video the process of making the cranes and how you use them to symbolize peace in your school and/or community. Peace is not just about the absence of violence. Peace is the presence of community and a sense of connection between human beings. Who better to put forth peace at your school and in your community than the students of Link Crew and WEB? These programs represent peace in the simplest of terms by allowing students to help other students succeed. Simply bring people together and fold cranes…you will be amazed at the conversations, the laughter, the energy that you will create along with the cranes.

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