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Expect More


At Beverly Hills High School, they replaced their entire admin team except the principal this year. The only Link trained person in the building just got promoted to AP and they were scrambling at school start. How did they manage to have an incredibly successful Link program and school start? They relied on the Link Leaders.

How much do you expect from your leaders? Do you see Link and WEB as 'extras' for them and profusely thank them for every effort, or do you see Link and WEB as a privilege they should thank you for allowing them to experience?

How you answer that question probably says a lot about how hard your leaders work and maybe even what they get out of it. At Liberty Middle School, Shelley Anderson was surprised  'I know I expect a lot from the WEB Leaders, but some of these kids really impressed me! It wasn't always the ones I thought it would be!'

Your leaders absolutely want to do good. Don't you? Isn't it amazing to work hard for something you believe in? The reward for that kind of work is intrinsic. It's in your bones and the fiber of who you are and what satisfies you. Let your leaders have a chance to work hard this year for you and most importantly their students.

The leaders at Bellarmine College Prep, an all boys school in San Jose, sign up for a lot of responsibility when they become Big Brothers (their name for Link Crew). They commit to not only school start activities, but weekly contact, two retreats, individual tutoring, intervention sessions and much more. 'Being a Big Brother is a huge commitment', commented Connor, a senior at BCP. 'It probably takes more time than any other club I belong to and it's worth it because I really get to know my freshmen and they get to know me. I'm still in touch with my Big Brother from my freshman year!’ Is this level of commitment working? Yes. 300 boys apply for 110 spots, retention is up, discipline is down and the culture has been transformed.

Expect the world from your leaders. Then thank them as you watch them change the world for the better.

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