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Get the Year Started

Welcome to the new year! For most of us in education, our year doesn’t begin January 1st, rather it starts sometime in August or early September when it’s back to school time. We hope you enjoyed a restful summer and that you are looking forward to a great school year.

As you all well know, the start of the school year is the most hectic time in the life of a Link Crew or WEB program. With so much going on, it is easy to let some of the little things slide. You might have noticed at your orientation how a few little things can really change the day. Did you have an organized VIP table or did it dissolve into chaos? How many of you discovered the value of walkie-talkies? Did your sound system perform the way you needed it to?

Just as with orientation, it is the little things at the beginning of the year that can often mean the difference between a new student experiencing an amazing start to the school year or getting lost in the crowd.  Here are some of those little things that can make a big difference:

  1. Challenge your Leaders to collect each of their student’s email and phone numbers by Sept 5th.
  2. Have your Leaders place a phone call within the first week of school to each of their students; have them check in on their schedule and feelings about school so far.
  3. Encourage your Leaders to find one of their students this week and have lunch with them. Remind them that one on one meetings might be more successful for some of their students.
  4. HOST A LEADER MEETING! Ok, so this goes in the category of BIG things! You have to bring your students back together early in the school year to keep the Link/WEB momentum up!
  5. ATTEND THE FOLLOW UP TRAINING! Remember, if you were trained in 2008 this conference is already paid for! You just need to register. At the Follow Up we talk about dozens more ‘little things’ that can make a huge difference for your program!
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