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Creating conversations with Link Crew and WEB schools to create kinder, more compassionate schools. We support leadership and transition programs where 11th and 12th graders support 9th graders (Link Crew) and 8th graders support 6th graders (WEB). Schools where students help students succeed!

Episode 4: Using Data & Branding to Promote Your Program

How do you use branding to create program visibility & unity? How can data collection help determine your program focus? In this episode, Jennifer Karpinski of Summit High School in CA (2016 Golden Bell Award winning school for their Link Crew program) shares with us how she uses branding & data to create a program that gets noticed.

Episode 3: Creating & Managing a Link Crew/WEB Class

Ever wonder how to get a Link Crew or WEB Class? Wondering what to do with the class that you have? On today's episode, Vanessa DeLuca walks you through making your leadership class come alive!

Episode 2: Inside Out Motivation

Do WEB & Link Crew activities work in other facets of your school community? Yes, they do! Today we sit down with Principal Shelleyann Keelean as she shares with us how she uses activities learned at the Basic Training to create involvement & experience, thus laying the foundation for intrinsic motivation to flow through her staff, students and school community.

Episode 1: Mid-Year Motivation

The mid-year Link Crew/WEB slump is real. In today's episode, guest Kevin Ozar talks to Micah about strategies that can keep both Leaders & Coordinators motivated as they move into the second semester.

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