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Put your Thinking Cap on

New Years resolutions. Yeah, right. How many of us fall into the trap of starting the new year with resolution to change? And how many of us fail quite quickly? According to most studies, 92% of us fail in the first month so we’re in good company…or at least a lot of company. That’s not to say some people can make them work but the success rate is low for most. There are basically three reasons why they fail:

1.  People make unrealistic resolutions;

2.  People don’t equip themselves with the mental ammunition to fight off doubt and continue with their goals; and

3.  Using guilt or fear as motivation, or resolving to stop doing something is not effective.

Just the word resolution sets us up for failure. To resolve is to decide firmly and even force a change. And any time we exert force, we automatically meet a counterforce or resistance; it’s physics.

So, why not think in terms of intention instead of resolution. Intention is to simply to begin to aim and to plan and doesn’t automatically create resistance. It is the “being” before the “doing”. It is the visioning. It is the dreaming. It is full of hope. It is your own personal “Yes, and…”

And this is a good time of the year to begin your intentions for next year’s Link Crew and WEB program. No real planning, just beginning to vision what you want your program to be and to setup some intention. And, as you begin to see it, you will be inspired to find the way of how to make it happen. As you look at the calendar, you realize that in the next 6-8 weeks you will begin the selection process of your Leaders for the 2015-2016 school year.

But don’t yet take action. How often do you hear that? We are laden with suggestions of “just do it”, “get after it”, “bring it!”.

At this very moment though, sit in your thoughts…your intentions. Play the role of the Imagineer, with emphasis on the Imagine half of the word. Don’t start to engineer just yet. There will be time for that and that time is not far off.

What do you WANT your program to look like next year? Do you want to recruit a particular faction of leaders that has been underrepresented thus far in your program? Are you at a place in your program that bringing your staff along the journey would move your school culture forward? Do you want to enhance the interview and selection process in order to get a greater cross section and committed leaders? Do you want to improve your skills and increase your knowledge in order to be a better coordinator? Do you want to get additional people trained in order to strengthen your coordinator team or to begin to transition out of your program and leave it in good hands?

NOW is the time to think. NOW is the time to dream. NOW is the time to imagine.

Next month, actions will need to be taken, but actions without deep, contemplative thought usually result in the same as you have achieved in the past. If you intend to improve or change, begin simply with the intention. Then, the resolution to achieve the change will fall into place.

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