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posted by: Micah Jacobson 1/14/2010 | Category: Take Action

Doesn’t it seem like each year time goes by a little bit faster?  Well, actually, it’s because it does.  Think, about it: when you are four and a year goes by, you turn five, which in the scheme of things does not seem like much time has passed, but in reality you are suddenly 20% older and amazing things have happened over the space of that year; you have mastered new skills, learned an entire new vocabulary and become experts in entire lines of toys!

What did you accomplish in this last year? When you think of your Link or WEB program, January is a great time to start the reflection process.

How did your events go? How many kids have you supported? Can you feel the difference on your campus that Link Crew and WEB are making? Can others feel it?

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posted by: admin 5/24/2009 | Category: Scholarship Winners

This year we received 143 applications. We in the Boom Boom! Room sat down for days to cull through all the well deserved applicants. Tough as it was to decide, here are the 2009 Link Crew Scholarship Winners:

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posted by: admin 5/23/2008 | Category: Scholarship Winners

It's such an honor to read through the many applications we receive for this scholarship. This year we received 142... without further ado, here's the 2008 Link Crew Scholarship Winners:

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posted by: admin 5/23/2007 | Category: Scholarship Winners

Here are the 2007 winners of the Link Crew Scholarship.

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