Mary Beth Campbell, one of the founders of the Boomerang Project, has spun off to create another company called Boom Boom! Revolution. After working with Link Crew and WEB for 15 years and seeing the impact of the program at schools, Mary Beth wondered what would happen if the underlying philosophies of Link Crew and WEB were applied to the general population? After all, she reasoned, if we can ask high school and middle school students to be kinder and care more about each other, how hard could it be to get other people to do it too? And, with that, Boom Boom! Revolution was born!

She and Boomerang Project Creative Director, Helene Scott, joined forces in 2008 in an effort to create a socially responsible consumer goods company with the audacious mission to transform the world for the better. These two women have spent countless hours getting this fledgling company off the ground, introducing their first product, Boom Boom! Cards, in 2009. With 26 cards in a kit, each card is an invitation to join the Boom Boom! Revolution, a small but growing army of people who are sure that we can re-vision the world we know and create the world we want through simple actions that allow us to reach out and exercise the innate altruism that lives in all of us. Join us in the Boom Boom! Revolution.