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Leadership and Service…you get back what you give

When community service is integrated into the life of a young person in both meaningful and practical ways, it builds character and develops compassionate action that can last a lifetime. The Boomerang Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit charity supported by parents, educators, students, foundations, companies and individuals. Together, we are committed to igniting the power of young people to create a more compassionate world and achieve greater personal success through meaningful community service and strong leadership.

Whether community service is assigned as service learning curriculum, mandated for high school graduation, used for college admission, career enhancement or ordered by the court, the Boomerang Foundation offers support, tools and inspiration to students, educators and parents. The online program allows users to search and sign up for volunteer opportunities from thousands of local, regional and national nonprofit organizations. The program guides young people as they create, track and present their community service projects in an organized format enabling them to highlight their service and leadership experience on college and employment applications.

The Boomerang Foundation’s executive director, Lori Butterworth, is a national award-winning nonprofit professional and former high school teacher. As the founder of Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services, the Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition, and the Boomerang Foundation, Lori is able to share her own community service experience to inspire the next generation to put compassion into action and “get back what you give.”

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