The Home Team

This is the team that really makes it happen! Our commitment to excellence extends beyond your experience with our training and materials. Every time you call our office or interact with the website, the success you experience is due to one of these fabulous people.

Angela Slavich: Registrations Coordinator & Shipping Manager
Registrations Coordinator & Shipping Manager -

Angela is a transplant to Santa Cruz County, drawn to the redwood covered mountains where she is raising her three children, Kyra, Jeremy, and Cooper with her loving husband, Tony...

Becky Emmons: Director of Operations for the Boomerang Project
Director of Operations -

Becky is committed to helping people be more conscious with their actions and kinder in their everyday life. The Boomerang Project would not be where we are without our amazing good fortune to bring Becky on board in...

Heather Pacheco: Bookkeeper at The Boomerang Project
Finance Manager -

Heather is a small town gal, born and raised in Northern California. She came to Santa Cruz in 2001 to attend college. Searching for her niche amongst...