Becky Emmons: Director of Operations for the Boomerang Project
Director of Operations

Becky is committed to helping people be more conscious with their actions and kinder in their everyday life. The Boomerang Project would not be where we are without our amazing good fortune to bring Becky on board in July of 2004. Becky has held just about every office job we have at The Boomerang Project and has been the glue holding the ship together time after time.

Besides her commitment to excellence with BP, she is committed to her wonderful daughters, Quinn and Remi, and her husband Clarence. Becky was a champion softball player in Oregon where she studied elementary education before the call of Santa Cruz brought her to a place where she found, "Two people committed to making a difference in the world." For those who call our office and talk with Becky, you will soon discover what we have: She is one of a kind and lives our motto that You Get Back What You Give.

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