Link Crew is more than just a one day event. It is a structured high school transition program that provides mentoring and character development spanning an entire year at your high school. The Link Crew Leaders not only help organize and guide the freshmen through orientation day, but they also help to facilitate a smooth transition both socially and academically throughout the year. Specifically, there are three ways Link Crew lives at your school during the year:

  1. Academic Follow Ups: these occur in a classroom setting; Link Crew Leaders visit freshman classes to teach lessons on topics such as time management, goal setting, and peer pressure.
  2. Social Follow Ups: these are school sponsored group activities that bring freshmen and Link Crew Leaders together for a variety of fun events such as group lunches, campus movie nights or tailgate parties in support of school sporting events.
  3. Leader Initiated Follow Ups: these happen outside the classroom on a one-to-one basis and can be as simple as Link Crew Leaders saying “hi” to their freshmen in the hallways or calling them at home to check in and see how they are doing. More involved Leader Initiated Follow Ups include Link Leaders spending time tutoring their freshmen or doing something special for their birthdays.

This three pronged approach to freshman transition is what sets Link Crew apart from other orientation programs. A 1998 study cited by the National Association of Secondary School Principals found that 6-8 contacts in a year are necessary in order to establish a relationship that truly makes a difference. With Link Crew, freshmen experience at least 8 positive contacts with Link Leaders the first six weeks of school.