Professional Development

Thinking Like A Leader: “Yes, And – Go Big – Total Support”

Timing: Can be scheduled anywhere from 1 hr to a half day program

Staff Leave With:

  • 6+ hands on activities to try in their classroom.
  • Improved staff relationships and refreshed attitude toward their practice.

Bringing a staff together around a few simple principles might be just the thing you are looking for to make this an extraordinary year.

Thinking Like a Leader helps anchor your staff in the basic principles of staying empowered and empowering others at the same time.

Yes, And is a simple concept of acceptance and responsibility that transforms our notion of power and capability. It is a practice of seeing the world as it is while staying agile and capable. Practicing the principle of Yes, And will have an impact on  classroom management, student relationships and the overall culture and climate of the school.

Go Big represents our capacity to bring our best selves to the table. It is about walking into the classroom everyday with confidence in yourself and respect for students. Giving staff members the permission to “Go Big” enables them to be role model for students to show up with their best selves.

Total Support. Just the words sound good. What would you accomplish if you knew you had total support to do it? What could kids achieve if they knew they would be supported even when they struggled? Total support is about contribution and commitment to a building environment based in respect, admiration and integrity.

Learning from Experience in the Classroom

Timing: 2 hours to half-day

Staff Leave With:

  • Materials and practice to support using The Experiential Learning Cycle in a classroom environment.
  • 6-10 hands on activities to begin using right away!
  • Attention getting and classroom management tools to keep students engaged and focused.

Just about everything students learn in the classroom they learn from some kind of sensory experience (see, hear, touch, taste, smell). Yet, we know that not all the things we give students to experience ends up being translated into meaningful knowledge.

This workshop will connect teachers with both the most current research into brain-based educational practices as well as with practical tools to help students absorb and retain information.