Harriet Turk
Harriet Turk

Telling it like it is.

For more than 25 years, Harriet has challenged teens and adults to make positive, empowered life choices. Her presentations are punctuated by down-to-earth Southern-speak, contagious energy and a calm confidence.

From Memphis.Not many people can say they grew up a mile from Elvis’s Graceland. Harriet learned her “southern-speak” in the soul-filled kitchens, fervent church meetings and local blues clubs of Memphis. What is this “speak”? Just plain, “tell it like it is” talk … with “y’all” and “bless your heart” added in for good measure.

Energy to burn. Often described as “that cheerleader woman,” Harriet believes affirmation and enthusiasm are fuel for living. While we can make positive choices, we’ll sometimes encounter consequences that we have no control over. Harriet’s interactive and energetic presentations identify these times as our opportunities to “deal with it”—live to our full potential with purpose, integrity and character.

Confidence to connect. Harriet has worked as a probation officer, youth programs coordinator, flight attendant, pharmaceutical sales rep, college-level instructor and nationally-known professional speaker, trainer and consultant. In each of these jobs, she’s been regarded as a top performer (named Rookie of the Year and #1 Top Performer in her first year as a sales rep) and quickly promoted to training, consulting and mentoring positions.

Her keynote presentations, leadership retreats and workshops combine entertainment with education and encourages everyone to get up and make things happen in their life.