Photo: Micah Jacobson
Micah Jacobson

"Making Your Mark"

In a crowded world, we all wonder how we can make our mark. How can we leave a legacy through the choices we make and to live life to its fullest potential?

Micah expertly guides teachers, administrators and students to reflect on their own sense of potential, challenging them to become more than they thought they could be. Whether through hilarious and insightful keynote presentations, powerful staff development or hands on student and adult leadership training, Micah possesses that rare gift of helping a group move beyond their limitations and toward possibility.

Micah earned a Masters in Business at the University of Michigan where he specialized in Organizational Development; he holds a BA Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Claremont McKenna College. He has been presenting since 1990 as a keynote speaker and a leadership consultant to over a million students throughout North America. Micah is the Co-founder of The Boomerang Project, which produces the internationally known transition programs Link Crew and WEB. Collectively, The Boomerang Project annually impacts over 2 million students in the US and Canada.


Micah's Keynotes, Workshops & Conferences

Student Leadership Keynotes: Making Your Mark
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Definitely Micah's most popular program! From the first few moments, students begin a journey discovering how to make choices that have positive impact. Micah opens their eyes to the possibilities of paying more attention to the world around them. In the midst of laughter, they see the potential of asking great questions. With rapt attention, they reflect on the power of conscious choice and remember that they get to direct their own lives everyday. Students leave feeling ready to take on the world, and prepared to do so!

Leadership Conference: “Playnote”
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Symphony: The Power of All Together!

Do you want your conference or staff development to rise to the next level? What if, from the very beginning, participants were able to meet each other in a fun, interactive way? Combining powerful messages with engaging activities, Micah will have participants moving, thinking and laughing! As they play, participants will continuously reflect on the power of teamwork and individual contribution. That reflection will highlight the idea that none of us is as capable as ALL of us, and when EACH of us does our part, we set the stage for transforming ourselves, our schools and our communities.

Educator Keynote: The Power of Reciprocity
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We live in an age where it seems everyone is out for themselves. After all, “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself”. Right? Wrong. It turns out that, collectively, we are far more powerful and capable, more gets done and we feel much greater levels of satisfaction when we work together to create as a group rather than taking as an individual.

With a broad look at schools and student culture, we can see opportunities everywhere to help students and teachers to put the power of reciprocity to work in order to motivate students, solve discipline challenges and create higher levels of accomplishment. Wonderfully, we don’t have to work harder to achieve it; we just need to work together.

Parent Keynote and Workshop: The Power of Conversation
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Want to learn how to get your kids talking? Ever been frustrated by stony silence or one word answers? With humor and insight, Micah walks parents through proven strategies which get kids talking and learning. Having worked with hundreds of thousands of teenagers, Micah knows how to get past the blocks that keep kids and parents isolated from one another. Even if you have great communication with your teenagers, this presentation will make you laugh and think and give you the tools to make that communication even better. Join thousands of parents who have learned how to go beyond the daily responses of “Nothin’ and “I don’t know”!