Photo: Stu Cabe
Stu Cabe

The Ovation Company, Standing Up for What Is Good

Stu is a specialist in developing positive school climate and culture and lives in Coeur D'Alene, ID with his wife Callie and his two kids Maddie and Jackson. Stu is a long time lover of the theatre and has been a professional actor for over 20 years. With a double Masters degree in education and a B.A. in Drama, Stu has taught high school and middle school, is a children’s theatre expert, has worked with professional theatre companies, both nationally and internationally, and is an advocate for arts education and awareness for young people. Stu’s varied, and sometimes quirky background includes building his own house, restoring old cars, riding a unicycle, juggling and the unique ability to balance things on his face (a strange talent he does for fundraisers and local non-profit organizations to help raise money).

Currently, Stu works around the country with students and teachers alike to help build strong school communities and improve campus culture and climate. His association with the Boomerang Project (including work with both Link Crew and WEB) have been his primary focus since 1999. Stu is the founder of The Ovation Company…standing up for what is good (2004). He now works around the US and Canada training students and educators to take active roles in defining their school climate. From keynote speaking and leadership retreats to on site student programs like Connecting the Dots and 4Word Momentum, Stu is applying his unique background and experience to work side by side with students, educators and schools to help meet the needs of an ever changing school environment.