Ice Breakers & Openers: Second Edition is designed to break the ice and energize your group with the best get-to-know-you activities. Use these quick and exciting games at the beginning of your class or program to set a comfortable tone, and return to the activities anytime energy runs low. You'll learn how to use easy, boundary-breaking games that will help individuals open up and learn about one another.

Quick video clips, images, and text will show you exactly how to set up, and successfully lead the activities with your group. Hit the print button to take a quick review sheet and all the handouts to help you at the event.The Types of Activities Included on Ice Breakers & Openers Include:

  • Attention-getters: Catch people's interest and refocus your group
  • Breakouts: Form subgroups and divide into teams
  • Cooperation Games: Teach your group to succeed through collaboration
  • Energizers: Motivate or remotivate your group
  • Just for Fun: Inspire your group with exciting, playful activities
  • Making Connections: Create personal connections and invigorate your group
  • Name Games: Acquaint your group and help them recognize one another by name

Software Includes:

  • Video clips, images, and text that demonstrate how to set-up, lead, and process each activity.
  • Quick-reference guides for all activities to print and take with you to an event.
  • Specially designed handouts for your participants.
Product Image: Inspire! Icebreakers and Openers