WEB creates a positive, caring school culture. Over 750 middle schools have watched as their student bodies have become more connected, more spirited and kinder to each other. Using a solid, purposeful structure, WEB creates a sense of connection and positive purpose:

  • Shared Leadership: because a cross section of your student body are WEB Leaders, the natural leaders of each social group at your school have a place to significantly contribute to their community
  • Student Voice: giving students a sense of ownership of their school and putting them in a position to lead others, allows the student voice to be integral to the success of your school
  • Positive 6th graders: connected 6th graders who feel welcomed and wanted also feel safe and therefore behave differently; they are more respectful, less antagonistic, more involved and care more about themselves and the school community in general

Two natural by-products of WEB are that it facilitates a strong sense of character development in the leaders and helps create an anti-bullying environment for the whole school. Because students are more connected to each other, involved in their school and empowered to make a difference, they develop empathy and respect as well as the courage to stand up for and take care of other students.