Need funding help? We’re here for you! We have gathered the best and most up to date information available in order to support you in your search to find funding for the WEB program. The PDFs below are your keys to success!

  1. Logic Model  [PDF]
  2. Effectiveness of the WEB Program  [PDF]
  3. Fundamentals of Funding for WEB  [PDF]
  4. WEB Grant Writing Guide  [PDF]
  5. WEB Funding Sources  [PDF]
  6. WEB Facts & FAQs  [PDF]

Additionally, the PDFs below offer supporting resources and studies that you might find useful in your efforts to fund WEB.

  1. 11 Principals of Character Education & WEB  [PDF]
  2. WEB Accreditation (US)  [PDF]
  3. WEB Accreditation (Canada)  [PDF]
  4. CASEL & WEB  [PDF]
  5. Title I & WEB  [PDF]
  6. Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency & Prevention (WEB)  [PDF]
  7. Search Institute's 40 Assets & WEB  [PDF]
  8. PBIS & WEB  [PDF]