WEB is a student centered leadership and mentor program founded on the guiding principle that students are an invaluable and untapped resource at your school. WEB believes that students ultimately want to be positive change agents at your school, but need the structure and permission to do so.

At the heart of the WEB program are your WEB Leaders. The success of your program is based on selecting students who will step up to not only support your 6th graders, but also act as mentors and take the lead in creating a positive school climate.

WEB Leaders are:

  • Members from your 8th grade class
  • A cross section of your student body
  • Students who want to make a difference at your school

WEB Leaders are trained to:

  • Facilitate small groups
  • Deliver classroom lessons
  • Take responsibility for their own behavior
  • Be positive leaders and role models in all situations

In addition to facilitating learning experiences and instructing 6th graders in valuable lessons on how to be successful in middle school, WEB Leaders step up and become a substantial presence at school acting as models of positive behavior which is ultimately a catalyst for climate change at your school. WEB is an excellent service learning and character development program; students get to serve their school community on multiple levels as well as reflect, consider and understand the impact of their own behavior.