In education programs can come and go, but not WEB. Because members of your staff experience an extensive and inspiring teacher training, your school continues to benefit year after year. Additionally with WEB:

  • There is no requirement to pay a license fee
  • You are not required to hire us to execute the program
  • Personal ownership of the program results in more effectiveness

The Boomerang Project certifies WEB coordinators through our nationally recognized training conferences. This means you do not bring in an outside consultant or company to work with your students. A staff member who knows and connects with your kids will be there day in and day out to make sure the program succeeds.

100% Ongoing Support
Once certified, WEB Coordinators have a world of resources at their finger tips:

  • Access to transition and student leadership experts
  • A team committed to assisting every coordinator for the rest of their educational career
  • Funding advice, information, tips and resources
  • Total support whether it be through phone calls, emails or website usage - we're here to help you get through any challenging situation you may face with your program