WEB is more than just a one day event. It is a structured middle school transition program which provides mentoring and enhances character development efforts that spans an entire year at your middle school. The WEB Leaders not only help organize and guide the 6th graders through orientation day, but they also help to facilitate a smooth transition both socially and academically throughout the year. Specifically, there are three ways WEB lives at your school during the year:

  • Academic Follow Ups: these occur in a classroom setting; WEB Leaders visit 6th grade classes to teach lessons on topics such as cooperation, creativity, and positive attitudes.
  • Social Follow Ups: these are school sponsored group activities that bring 6th graders and WEB Leaders together for a variety of fun events such as group lunches, field days or movie afternoons.
  • Leader Initiated Follow Ups: these happen outside the classroom on a one-to-one basis and can be as simple as WEB Leaders saying “hi” to their 6th graders in the hallways or calling them at home to check in and see how they are doing. More involved Leader Initiated Follow Ups include WEB Leaders spending time tutoring their 6th graders or doing something special for their birthdays.

This three pronged approach to middle school transition is what sets WEB apart from other orientation programs. With WEB, 6th graders experience at least 8 positive contacts with WEB Leaders during the first six weeks of school and this both contributes to overall school safety as well as helps them create a sense of connection to their new school.