Delete Negativity on Social Media with the #iCANHELP curriculum.


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'Count Me In' features hundreds of sure-fire, high-energy, interactive, leave-them-wanting-more...

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In order to have effective learning, we must activate the senses. We must use many different types of media--visual, sound...

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Includes 37 different activities, over 200 "What Would It Be Like...?" questions, 200 "Are You More Like...?" questions

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A wide range of activities put together by teachers to help teachers focus on specific skills including...

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Play is a pure medium for bringing people of many experiences, cultures, backgrounds and characteristics together. These lessons using games from countries throughout the world introduce 10 Diversity Life Skills that promote empathy and understanding, and reinforce that we are all more similar than different.

Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner

This book explores experiential, brain-based techniques for engaging learners emotionally, physically and intellectually in academic or training content while practicing important social-emotional skills and building a productive and supportive learning community.

Journey Toward the Caring Classroom: Using Adventure to Create Community

Children attend school to acquire skills for contribution in society; yet schools traditionally champion a sit-down-and-listen atmosphere. Journey Toward the Caring Classroom stipulates that a classroom should instead support a community of students and teachers who collaborate to achieve common goals in order to create a community of citizens who do the same.

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The Jump Start Leadership Workbooks contain some of Scott Greenberg's best techniques for developing leadership skills and...

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Some of the best games, energizers, trust exercises and group problem-solving activities use no equipment whatsoever...