The Best, Indirect Anti-Bullying Programs Around

Stop Bullying As students and schools become familiar with our student transition programs, Link Crew and WEB, and the success surrounding both - they notice that these programs also function as some of the very best anti-bullying initiatives on the market.

While the primary intent of Link Crew and WEB is to transition students into their new schools and increase overall student success and achievement, a natural by product of these efforts is a school climate that does not tolerate bullying.

Link Crew, the high school program, and WEB, the middle school equivalent, give student leaders of these peer mentoring programs the permission and skills to move from being bystanders to upstanders. As a result, the peer leaders serve as powerful role models looking out for the school’s newest members, who are vulnerable, scared and often the most commonly bullied students on both middle and high school campuses alike.

Why Anti-Bullying Education Is Important

Our student transition programs focus on easing the intimidation 6th and 9th graders may feel as they enter their new schools. By making them feel welcomed and at ease in their new surroundings, incoming students are able to focus on thriving at their new school both socially and academically. The presence of bullying makes school success nearly impossible to achieve; it causes anxiety, which can lead to feelings of depression, loneliness, and low self-esteem. The anguish that bullying victims feel makes focusing in the classroom difficult and adds a significant barrier to learning.

Even though some films or TV shows portray bullying with a "kids will be kids" mentality, anyone who has been the target of bullying or witnessed it firsthand knows that it's a very real and serious issue that needs to be addressed. Link Crew and WEB, as both student transition and peer mentoring programs also offer anti-bullying education to the students and teachers involved. And, education is the key to prevention.

Make a Change: Bullying Prevention Tips For Today

Bullying Stops Here How can the Boomerang Project support your anti-bullying efforts? Eliminating bullying in your school can be achieved with access to effective tools and by having the right student and adult leaders in place to make change. From assisting you in identifying campus leaders and empowering them to change your school's climate, to providing useful resources such as anti-bullying posters and bullying prevention tips, Boomerang Project can help. We support you in raising awareness about and combating this important issue. With years of experience and a proven record of success, the Boomerang Project can work with you to help remove bullying at your school altogether!

For more information on the Boomerang Project and its student transition, peer mentoring, and anti-bullying programs, Link Crew and Web, email, or call 800.688.7578.