Why Link Crew?

"I've been through Link Crew as a freshman, a leader and now as an educator and from all perspectives this program gives solutions to kids and schools with real-life issues. Too often in education, theory overrides practice, but Link Crew seamlessly incorporates the two to promote a positive change in culture and attitude 100%. Proud and satisfied to be a part of this program and to make this world a better place."

Ashley Sandor, Teacher
South Oldham High School - Crestwood, KY

The transition to high school is a major event in the life of a young person, and yet very few substantial strategies for support exist in most high schools. Numerous studies show that the transition to high school is marked by a period of emotional stress and discomfort for adolescents, often times resulting in a decrease in academic achievement and an increasingly difficult social adjustment. It is this combination of factors that can be the impetus to poor decision making, as well as high risk and self destructive behavior for freshmen.

High schools don't have to just stand by and allow this rite of passage to happen to their freshmen. You can, with some strategic and intentional actions, put in place a structure where freshmen get the necessary support to successfully navigate this significant transition and start their high school experience on a positive note.

Read more about why transition matters & the three keys to a successful transition and what educators are saying about Link Crew.

Download this 3rd party research proving the effectiveness of Link Crew as a structure you need to support your incoming freshmen. ASR 2011 report on Effectiveness of Link Crew Program [PDF]