Student Link Conference


What is a Student Link Conference?
Student Link Conferences help Link Leaders from across the country to connect with one another and increase their leadership skills while engaging in play.  They are also a great way for Link Leaders to see that they are a part of a larger community that is focused on developing leadership and improving school culture. 

General Course Information

Link Crew certified coordinators are invited to bring their Link Leaders to a celebratory half-day conference hosted by Boomerang Project in schools throughout the United States. 

Cost: $500.00 per school, for up to 20 leaders.  Each additional leader is $25.00 each, up to 40 total leaders maximum.  If registered prior to October 1st, you'll receive a $50.00 discount!

  • The day will begin in the gym at 9:00 AM and end at 1:15 PM (unless otherwise noted - please look over your confirmation email carefully)
  • Please have your Link Leaders wear their Link Crew T-shirts
  • We will provide a snack at approximately 11:30 AM

A Boomerang Project Speaker will guide your leaders through a series of mixers and activities that will allow them to connect with Link Leaders from around their area.  The focus is to celebrate them for providing a powerful and positive experience for your incoming class. Your Leaders will also hear a keynote that will inspire them to return to school with an even greater concern for other students and campus culture.

There will also be a session for coordinators to gather ideas from other schools participating in Link Crew.

What Does the Day Look Like?

Basic Conference Format

  • Welcome and Introductory Keynote with this year's theme
  • Playnote: Leaders engage with leaders, building leadership through play
  • Break Time! (This involves a snack, and often a spontaneous dance party!)
  • Skill Building: We work interactively with your leaders to build skills and awareness, helping them to become even better Link Leaders at your school.
  • Swap Shop: We offer time and structure to have leaders share their best ideas with other leaders. Have them come prepared to share!
  • Closing Keynote: Our speakers will inspire your leaders to go back and make a HUGE difference at your school. Prepare to handle the motivation!

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