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Batavia students encouraged to 'be ambitious' for new school year

by Joanne Beck -- The Daily News -- 09/05/2015

Despite 90-degree temperatures and sticky humidity, summer has come to an end as many city school students began orientation at the middle and high schools.

Link Crew builds connections for Farmington freshmen

by Nathan Hansen -- Farmington Independent -- 09/03/2015

On Tuesday morning, 550-some freshmen will walk into Farmington High School for the first time as students. They’ll face new schedules, classes filled with unfamiliar faces and the very real possibility they might get lost in this big new building.

Austin High School Freshmen Learn The Ropes

by Dan Conradt -- -- 09/03/2015

Austin High School Freshmen Get a Little Help from Upperclassmen During Orientation.

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