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Unique Program Helps Grade 9 Students Adjust

by JOSH BOYCE -- -- 08/31/2017

St. Patrick’s Highschool is doing its part to alleviate some stress for incoming Grade 9 students.

'A deep breath before school starts' - Hellgate's freshman orientation

by THOMAS PLANK -- Missoulian -- 08/28/2017

Miller said that the orientation’s goals are “helping freshmen to fit in, feel settled” and get to know the school a little better. Central to the day, said Miller, is “really finding that connection” to each other and the school.

‘A school within a school’ Freshman academy to help FD students make transition to high school level

by CHAD THOMPSON -- The Messenger -- 08/28/2017

Sure, the high school experience is in large part about students identifying and challenging their academic gait, but it’s also much more than that.

WEB News

Making a transition to a 'new' Webster school building this fall? No problem!

by Linda Quinlan -- -- 08/21/2012

Hundreds of Webster students are heading back to school this week and next.It’s all about making the transition from elementary to middle school, middle school to high school.

Program spins ‘WEB' of help

by Brad Kadrich -- Observer & Eccentric -- 08/28/2011

Mentors help sixth-graders make the move up.

CALIMESA: New student orientation gets youths comfortable

by By Jennifer Dean -- The Press-Enterprise -- 08/16/2011

About 350 new seventh-grade students readied for the school year at Mesa View Middle School in Calimesa on Monday. The school adopted a national orientation program...